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About us

We speak body language, and we make products that honour your body for the unsung hero it is.

Our Mission

Better body care for life’s big changes

High performing products that are purposeful, and address specific needs you face during life's big changes.

We're empowering women to take control of their bodies #embracethechange, and creating a supportive community from pregnancy, right through to menopause.

Join the movement.



Fiona's Story

“I felt really let down by the beauty industry after I had my first baby, there is a complete lack of realism, about how our bodies change during pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, motherhood, right through to menopause, it’s all one big taboo that no one talks about.

Why do so many women feel isolated, and embarrassed to talk about their bodies post baby? Why is menopause hushed in society? We all go through it.

Here at NESSA we are doing things differently, we're breaking the taboos, and celebrating all our bodies have done for us”

Fiona Toomey, Founder and CEO

Our Difference

All NESSA products are formulated alongside some of the most experienced women’s health practitioners in the UK.

We supercharge our formulations with innovative natural ingredients, scientifically proven to aid recovering skin.

Our range is completely naked, as nature intended, and that’s exactly how we bottle them.


Bliss is a UK charity for babies born premature or sick. Every time you shop with NESSA, we donate 1% to Bliss.

Every day, over 300 babies in the UK are admitted to neonatal care. Bliss is a UK charity supporting babies who are born prematurely or sick, and their families.

Meet the woman behind the name...

Nessa was a bad-ass legendary Irish warrior, and all round strong, independent female. A queen in her own right, and mother to one of the great kings of Ireland (with a heroic birthing tale to boot), she’s our daily inspiration, and mythical brand ambassador.

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