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We’ve created an award winning recovery skincare range, targeted for your whole journey - from pregnancy, to post-partum relief, and well into motherhood.

Because, Babe, while you may not be at the top of your own priority list right now, you’re our only priority.

Cruelty Free

100% Natural

95% Organic

Fragrance Free

Certified Vegan



NESSA stands for cleaner, safer, and kinder skincare.

We’re calling time on supposedly ‘natural’ skincare products packed with unnecessary (and often nasty) additives.

So we’ve made it our business to do things differently. We are genuinely 100% natural and organic, always.

You’ve got a lot on your plate. We’ve got this.

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Just when you thought your body couldn’t feel any less like your own, it feels even more alien than ever.

Surprise! You still look pregnant, you’re bleeding, stitched and itchy, your vagina is so swollen it hurts to walk.

It’s ok to admit its tough not feeling like you.

So if you’re thinking: screw bouncing back, for now I’d settle for a little less alien and a little more me…well, we can help you there, Babe. 


Come Join our nessa Army

Nessa was a bad-ass Irish legendary warrior queen, a strong independent female. We’re digging her mythical vibes.

Let’s all be a little more Nessa. Let’s say it how it is, champion clean skincare, and tackle the taboos as a community of warrior mothers on the road to recovery, together.

You’ve got your own clan now…but you’re always welcome in Nessa’s Army.

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