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We've got bragging rights to some of the cleanest, most nourishing body care available to women right now.

Made in the UK

There’s no reason for the products you put on your skin to be a seasoned traveller. We believe in local.

Our products and ingredients are sourced, formulated, manufactured, and packaged in small batches in the UK. Limiting our environmental footprint.

We only work with UK suppliers who align with our sustainability values.

NESSA on Sustainability

We are working hard to infuse sustainability across our full supply chain, from ingredient sourcing, to the delivery companies we work with.

We use recycled glass, and limit our use of plastic where possible. All our cartons are recyclable, and we ship in 100% recycled Kraft cardboard boxes.

We’re passionate about making more sustainable choices, reducing our carbon footprint, and working harder for the environment, not against it.

Vegan & Cruelty-Free

We’re all for a game of hide and seek, but not when it comes to what we put on our skin. So you’ll find absolutely nothing artificial hidden in our products.

We’re cruelty free, and vegan certified, so you won’t find a single animal by-product in the entire NESSA range.

No ingredients, or final products, have been tested on any animals. Cruel to be kind is not a phrase we credit.

Fragrance Free (some) things are better nude

We don’t alter the look, smell or feel of our products. They do their best work naked - perfectly balanced with the right vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory properties to support your skin in its hour of need.

Many women experience sensitive skin, and unnecessary fragrances, and essential oils can cause skin irritation.

You could do without that. So all our products do too.

Building a Community

We're passionate about creating an honest, supportive, inclusive community for women from pregnancy right through to menopause.

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