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We’re NESSA, an independent, female-founded and owned brand, on a mission to give women skincare their bodies deserve.

Genuinely 100% clean and organic, and packed with vitamins and antioxidants, our products are designed to address the real issues and real needs of every woman.

Our Products


Formulated alongside some of the most experienced doctors, cosmetic scientists, and women’s health practitioners, our products are balanced with exactly the right blend of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties for your recovering skin.

These days, too many brands pack their products with cheap, unnecessary (and often nasty) ingredients – We don’t believe this junk has any business on your skin.



Our ingredient lists are short, transparent and easy to pronounce –  we solely use real, simple ingredients that actually need to be there.

We don’t care about smelling pretty, or altering the look or feel of our products. We care that they work, supporting your skin in its hour of need. Our range is most effective naked, as nature intended, and that’s exactly how we bottle them.

Jog on SLS, SLES, drying alcohols, chemicals, petroleum, essential oils, synthetic preservatives, fillers and artificial fragrances and colours. We don’t need your type around here.


You hear of all the pregnancy highs and glows – the shiny hair, great skin, the beautiful bump – but there are relatively few places you can go to, to talk or read about the very real lows of the wonderful thing we call childbirth.

When I had my first baby, no one had prepared me for the first few weeks and months post baby, and they were tough to say the least. Not only did I have a newborn to look after, my body was a wreck. Bruised, swollen, stitched, and incredibly sore all over.

Most of the skincare products I’d bought or been gifted in pregnancy became completely redundant, and the one or two that I was still eking some use out of were riddled with chemicals and additives, despite having been marketed as ‘natural’ - I figured my body deserved better than that.

I became increasingly frustrated by the lack of clean, effective products to tackle my recovery. Fed up- I founded NESSA.

NESSA exists to empower women to take control of their own recovery.

To offer clean, organic, and effective skincare alternatives that are as safe for your newborn as they are for you.

From one mother to another,

NESSA Founder, mother of three


Every day, over 300 babies in the UK are admitted to neonatal care. Bliss is a UK charity supporting babies who are born prematurely or sick, and their families.

When you buy NESSA products, this amazing local charity benefit too. A good deed done - thank you.



Nessa was a bad-ass legendary Irish warrior, and all round strong, independent female. A queen in her own right, and mother to one of the great kings of Ireland (with a heroic birthing tale to boot), she’s our daily inspiration, and mythical brand ambassador.

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