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2nd September - Working Mothers Week

This week is the national working mums week! Working at home with a baby can totally be done and without losing your mind, and so we're excited to bring you a week full of tips for all the BOSS mums out there!

Our founder Fiona Toomey,  will be sharing how she manages her day with 3 beautiful little ones as well as running NESSA!

- 9am Instagram



7th September - Let's talk about Birth Trauma and PTSD

This week is birth trauma awareness week and we want to be there for all the mothers who have experienced heartbreak. Mothers who are dealing with trauma, hear us: You are not strange. You do not have to feel guilty. You are having a normal response to something that happened to you. This week we will be sharing resources and hearing empowering stories of mums who have battled birth trauma.

9pm on Instagram 



14th September - Love your Body Campaign

Here at NESSA we love all bodies, and we are looking for brave warrior women to send us pictures of their warrior tattoos and tiger stripes so we can celebrate how amazing our postpartum bodies! We would love to hear from you, we are offering you and a friend our limited edition gift sets - Find out more on the 14th of September!
9pm on Instagram

24th September - Q&A with Dr Stephanie Ooi

Find NESSpert @the_gp_mum Dr Stephanie Ooi provide useful info & tips and help to dispel some common health myths during pregnancy & postpartum!

9am on Instagram

 28th September - Health & Fitness

Find NESSpert @ashleigh_Elizabeth_Fitness an expert in pre and postnatal fitness, taking over our Instagram to share her wisdom.

We also have @roxyfitblog teaching a C-Section recovery fitness class on our IG LIVE on the 1st of October.
9am on Instagram


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