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"I was so pleased to be involved in the development process of this well needed perineum oil." Jenny Constable - Women's Health Physio 

"As a women's health physiotherapist I am always looking for sensitive oil products for women to use to help reduce scar tissue formation or help decrease tension around the perineum following their delivery. The Vagina Victory Oil makes doing perineal massage comfortable, non sticky and leaves the skin feeling soft afterwards"


"Perineal massage is such a valuable tool for women before and after childbirth 
and the use of an appropriate oil, like Vagina Victory Oil, is essential." - Clare Bourne SIX PHYSIO

"Women worry about what oil to use on their vulval and vaginal tissues during
pregnancy so to have a totally natural oil like VVO to recommend is brilliant.
"Postnatal perineal massage is not widely talked about, but helping to stretch any scar tissue that has formed after vaginal tears from birth can really help pelvic floor function and strength."
"Having an oil like VVO to use during this time on delicate tissue is just what women need."




"It’s a gorgeous product, I recommend scar saviour to all of my patients" Claire Rutherford - Women’s Health Physio from La Femme Physio

"I recommend scar saviour to all of my patients who have had caesareans and have used it on my own csection scar with great results! Scars become less red and appear smoother.  It’s a gorgeous product, packaged beautifully, it feels so lovely to use and is free from any nasties. Scars can often be so emotive, so taking that first step and encouraging patients to touch their scars and reconnect with that part of their body before working on the tissues at a deeper level can be challenging at times. Having such a lovely product to use and recommend makes that much easier."



"I recommend Scar Saviour to all of my patients who have had c sections" - Emma Brockwell women's physiotherapist from Pelvic Roar & Physio Mum

"Nessa Scar Saviour is a beautiful product. It is 100% natural, organic and contains turmeric, liquorice and marshmallow roots which helps reduce inflammation. I recommend it to all of my patients who have had a c sections "



"I love using and recommending Scar Saviour to women after abdominal birth for their caesarean section scars to aid their scar massage" - Clare Bourne SIX PHYSIO

"It helps to reduce redness and visibility of the scar which often bothers women a lot. It is understandable women are cautious about what to put on a new scar but having a totally natural oil like scar saviour is amazing. All the women who I have recommended it to love it"



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