Who is NESSA?!


Nessa was a bad-ass legendary Irish warrior, and all round strong, independent female. A queen in her own right, and mother to one of the great kings of Ireland (with a heroic birthing tale to boot), she’s our daily inspiration, and mythical brand ambassador. 

As the folklore goes, she was originally named Assa which means ‘gentle’ in Irish. However her ruthlessness as a fighter becomes so renowned, that she’s renamed Neasa: “not gentle.”

She was mother to one of the great kings of Ireland, and a warrior in her own right.

In one version of the folklore NESSA gets pregnant with the future king, goes into labour while she was travelling along the banks of the river Conchobhar. Another druid rushes up to her and tells her to wait a day, because if she does her child will share a birthday with the still-in-the-future Jesus Christ.

So Nessa stops, and HOLDS IN HER BABY so he can be born on Christmas day. That is one incredible act of willpower, and pelvic floor strength 😊 

A few years later, she begins to court a high king, Nessa knows a good opportunity when she sees one. She tells the king that she’ll only marry him if he lets her seven-year-old son Conchobhar, (born on the river bank) to be king for a year. He agrees.

Nessa implements such popular policies during that one year that at its end, the people of Ulster insist on keeping Conchobhar remain as their king, and they threaten revolt if the old king resumes power.

Nessa and her son live happily ever after.

Moral of this story, never underestimate the power and love warrior mamas have for their children, we're digging her mythical vibes!  

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